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In the realm of property management, the upkeep and maintenance of your properties hold paramount importance. The significance lies not only in safeguarding the property’s value but also in guaranteeing a contented dwelling or operational environment for tenants. Our dedicated team of specialized workers stands poised to excel in this regard.

Maintaining properties in optimal condition is a non-negotiable responsibility for any property management company. By prioritizing meticulous care and regular maintenance, you not only uphold the property’s financial worth but also cultivate a positive tenant experience. A well-maintained property becomes a canvas for comfortable and harmonious living, fostering tenant satisfaction and loyalty.

At KP Groups, we comprehend the indispensable role maintenance plays in our industry. Our seasoned experts, equipped with specialized skills, undertake the task of maintaining properties with diligence and expertise. Our comprehensive suite of Maintenance Services caters to a diverse range of properties, encompassing residential, commercial, and industrial spaces.

By enlisting our Services, you secure more than routine property care; you invest in the longevity and allure of your properties. Our proficient workers are attuned to the unique needs of each property type, ensuring tailored maintenance approaches that extend beyond the superficial. From plumbing and electrical upkeep to landscaping and structural checks, we deliver a holistic maintenance solution.

Choose KP Groups as your partner in sustaining property excellence. With our specialized workers at the helm, your properties will exude a perpetual charm while tenants revel in their comfortable spaces. Entrust us with your property maintenance needs, and we’ll ensure that your properties remain not only assets but also vibrant homes and efficient workplaces. Experience the synergy of meticulous care and dedicated expertise with our Property Maintenance Services.

Certification We Offer ?

We can do all that for you.

Energy Performance Certificate

An up to date EPC is a legal requirement FROM £60*

Property Inventory Certificate

We will do full property inventory report FROM £60*

Gas Safety Certificate

We will issue 1 year gas safe certificate on the property FROM £60*

Electrical Safety Certificate

We will issue 4-5 years electrical safe certificate on the property FROM £100*

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