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Guaranteed Rent Services For London Landlords

Plan Your Finances with Confidence: Guaranteed Rent Scheme by KP Groups

Plan your finances with confidence. Our Guaranteed Rent scheme provides a fixed monthly rent for the entire agreement, ensuring a steady income stream. Secure your financial future with Guaranteed Rent today. KP Groups is a letting agency specializing in rent guarantee for landlords across London. Maximise your rental income and reduce your workload as a landlord with our fee-free property management service. Enjoy guaranteed rent every month for the duration of your agreement, even if your property is untenanted.

Looking to guarantee rent? Our long-term partnerships with local authorities and housing associations ensure quality accommodation for local families. Trust KP Groups to let your property through a guaranteed rent scheme. Contact our team today to learn more about securing a stable rental income with guaranteed rent.

Why guarantee rent with KP Groups?

There are good reasons why a guarantee rent scheme makes a wise choice for landlords…

Process for Guaranteed Rent Services

We make letting residential properties for London landlords easy. Let your property the smart way!
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Arrange your free property valuation

Contact us to arrange a property valuation, free of charge, and without any obligation. We will inspect the property to make sure it meets our property standards and advise on improvements.

We will send a Offer Aggrement

We will make an offer and send you a lease agreement within 24 hours to review. As soon as the property has passed the final inspection, we can begin the process immediately.

Getting the paperwork ready

We will need a few documents before signing the lease: Proof of ownership, Building’s insurance policy, EPC Certificate, Gas Safe Certificate and Electrical Certificate.

Sign the lease & get rent!

Once we have all paperwork, it’s time to sign the lease agreement and relax! Your rent will be paid every month into your accounts for the lease duration with no void periods.

We pride ourselves on the standard of properties we let and manage across London

We understand that each property and each landlord is unique, so we work hard to tailor our service to exceed your expectations.

Our extensive referencing and tenant vetting ensure that we provide the best tenants, whether it is a simple introductory service or a fully managed service. Regardless of the size of your property portfolio, we can provide a tailored and personalised service to meet the needs of each landlord.

Comprehensive Property Management & Repairs Included

Guaranteed Rent Service

Guaranteed rent is a type of rental contract. KP Groups guarantees landlords a fixed rental income each month, regardless of market conditions or vacancies. This means that you won’t have to worry about advertising for tenants, doing credit checks or maintaining/renovating your property yourself. KP Groups in Croydon is a property management company that helps you with guaranteed rent. KP Groups guaranteed rent scheme, allows Landlords to enjoy the market rate rent without any fees or commissions. 

We make a rent offer within 24 hours of our property inspection. We usually contract and make payment for your property within 7 days, but if your property meets our minimum standards then payment can be made much sooner.

Rather than pay a deposit on each property, we go the extra mile and offer significantly better assurances than a deposit alone.

Firstly, you must remember that if anything goes wrong with rent payments, the risk is totally ours. We have an established business, manage a significant portfolio and have been trading for 11 years.

Secondly, we conduct regular and thorough inspections throughout the period of the tenancy, which ensures good property standards are always maintained.

Thirdly, we guarantee the property will be returned to you in the same condition it was at the start of the agreement, allowing for fair wear and tear. And lastly, we offer a £1000 indemnity per property in order to cover any work that may be required at the end of the agreement.

We value integrity and transparency. The rent we offer is the net amount you will receive direct to your account on a monthly standing order. We earn our fees by charging our tenants directly. The good news for our landlords with property in Croydon is that once the property is ready, we operate a zero-fee policy.

In the main we deal with London Borough of Croydon local authority tenants, although we do also rent to private tenants in the Croydon area. The properties we manage are always let to families, never multiple occupants, unless the property has a relevant HMO licence.

You can be as involved as you want to be, but generally the whole point of signing up with kpgroups is to free up your time and ensure a maximum return on your investment with zero hassle.

Usually we would only need to contact you if we had a maintenance issue at the property, for example the boiler broke down or the roof had a leak. In such a scenario, we would invite you to arrange for the repairs, or alternatively we could take care of things for you, arranging a quotation for approval before any work goes ahead.

We are fully geared up to swiftly arrange for any necessary general repairs so that the property meets regulatory requirements and has all the necessary compliance certificates. Our new property checklist sets out all our requirements for the properties we take on.

We make small margins over a long period of time, which is why we normally contract for a minimum period of three years. We appreciate that some of our Croydon landlords with local property are looking for a longer-term contract so that their investment returns are guaranteed and secured over a longer duration. In this scenario, where possible, we would contract up to six years.

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